Stewart Farrar

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Stewart Farrar AKA Frank Stewart Farrar

England Ireland 1916 - 2000

Comments: Neopaganism; Wicca; the Oak King/Holly King cycle; (was very quiet later in life, not sure he was ever very talkative)

Teachers: Gerald Gardner; Alexander Sanders; Maxine Sanders, his Initiator into Alexandrian Wicca 1970; Doreen Valiente, Robert Graves; Margaret Murray;

Students: last wife, Janet Owen Farrar, Gavin Bone; Ronald Hutton;

Organizations: Aquarian Tabernacle Church; Communist Party of Great Britain;

Author: What Witches Do (1971); Eight Sabbats for Witches (1981); The Witches' Way (1984); The Witches' Goddess: The Feminine Principle of Divinity (1987) ; The Witches' God - Lord of the Dance; The Snake on 99; Zero in the Gate; Death in the Wrong Bed; Delphine, Be a Darling; The Healing Craft ; The Pagan Path; A Witches Bible [I: The Sabbats, II: The Rituals]; The Life and Times of a Modern Witch (1987); Spells and How They Work (1990); The Complete Dictionary of European Gods and Goddesses (2000); Progressive Witchcraft (2004)

Resources:;; read him here -; weekend visit in the early 90s;