Tabatha Cicero

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Tabatha Cicero

America 1959 - present

Comments: Rosicrucian; Golden Dawn; Qabalist; Ceremonial magick; one of several competing Golden Dawn groups currently functioning; good artist as well as researcher and ritualist; heavily influenced by the Freemasons, especially the York Rite of Freemasonry; Enochian studies of the Watchtowers, including William Wynn Westcott's originals, recently found in the SRIA archives in England;

Teachers: Chic Cicero, her husband; Israel Regardie; Aleister Crowley; Moina Mathers, artist and ritualist; Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers; William Wynn Westcott; Christopher S. Hyatt; A. Greville-Gascoigne;

Students: Kirk White; R.A. Gilbert; Geraldine Beskin; WB Justin D****; WB Chuck Furnace; Bill & Judi Genaw ;


Enemies: Cris Monnastre; David Griffin; Robert Zink; Robert Word; Pat Zalewski;

Organizations: The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Inc.; influenced by Freemasonry;

Author: The Book of the Concourse of the Watchtowers, 2012, with the Westcott Tablets recolored; painting for The Babylonian Tarot, 2006; The Golden Dawn Enochian Skrying Tarot, co-authored with Bill & Judi Genaw, 2004; with her husband Chic Cicero - The New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot, 1991; The Golden Dawn Magical Tarot, 2001; Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition, 1995; Experiencing the Kabbalah, 1997; Creating Magical Tools, 1999; Ritual Use of Magical Tools, 2000; The Essential Golden Dawn, 2003; Secrets of a Golden Dawn Temple, 2004; Tarot Talismans, 2006; The Golden Dawn Journal: Book I: Divination, 1994, reprinted as Basics of Magic: The Best of the Golden Dawn Journal: Book I; Divination, 2007; The Golden Dawn Journal: Book II: Qabalah, 1994; The Golden Dawn Journal: Book III: The Art of Hermes, 1995; The Magical Pantheons - A Golden Dawn Journal, 1998;

Resources:;,_Inc;;; met her 7/19/2014, very nice folks;