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Everything lost is found again, in a new day, a new way[edit]

From the beginnings of consciousness, Spirit has sought to understand it's place in the material world between birth, death and beyond. Each iteration of esoteric philosophy has rediscovered pieces of the Truth in the Past, many have added to it for the sake of the Future.

These contributions have been made by men and women, teachers and pupils, books and lectures to convey a sense of the Wonder that hides in everyday reality for those who seek. Few have written or taught in a vacuum, and following the lines of influence through the ages helps us to more clearly see the development of this shared consciousness of Spirit.

Some of the philosophical positions are antithetical to others. In the dialogue that followed, their adherents contested the differences, sometimes synthesizing them into a greater Truth by confronting each point of view with it's weaknesses. Some cannot be resolved, and throughout history, magicians have taken sides championing one side or another, leaving their mark for future development.

To better understand these different points of view and learn from them, we examine the flow of theories from one Occultist to another, sometimes through direct contact, sometimes through the writings left behind and enlarged by later authors. This WIKI aims to provide brief biographies linking the Chain of Esoteric Thought by Country, time period, influences, teachers and students or organizations of key Magicians and Philosophers from Pre-history to the present.

It is meant to be forever a Work-In-Progress, and thus an unfinished monument when my own time here on Earth is ended.

The History of Ideas and Philosophies is written in the lives and writings of the Past[edit]

The goal of this WIKI is to allow those interested to track the influences on the Magical practitioner, Philosopher or Witch they are interested forward and backwards in time. Who influenced them, or taught them, whom did they study, and whom did they influence in turn.

We are linking their name (and derivatives of it) to their Country and chronological periods to aid in the eventual goal of tracking these ideas across Space as well as Time and Personality.

Where applicable, links will be supplied to WIKIPEDIA entries which will no doubt change over time, and their accuracy will vary, but there is little point in duplicating it if it already exists. Let this WIKI be our guide among the million of web sources as we pick our way through the evolution of Philosophic, Esoteric and Magickal thought.