Thomas Burgoyne

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Thomas Burgoyne AKa Zanoni AKA Thomas Dalton

Scotland /England /America (CA) 1855 - 1895

Comments: Ceremonial Magician ; although arrested for fraud in England, he was later Secretary of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor; Freemason; Qabalist through Max Theon's teachings; Rosicrucian; Egypt, but more the Greek Egyptian hybrid of Hermes Trismegistus; some think he changed identified once again to become “Captain Norman Astley” & marry Genevieve Stebbins, who created the Delsarte system of dance, Harmonial Gymnastics, Society Gymnastics, Dynamic Breathing and early American yoga; Not as good at Utopian community building as many others, including Peter Davidson, whose large family became his small commune; The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor located it's wisdom in Ancient Egypt without much Egyptian symbolism, while the Theosophical Society located it's nexus of authority even further East, in India and Tibet, after 1st referring to Egypt in earlier works;

Teachers: P. B. Randolph; Max Theon; Hargrave Jenning; Peter Davidson; Paulos Metamon; John Yarker;Emma Hardinge Britten; Papus; Edward Bulwer-Lytton;

Students: F. Charles Barlet AKA Albert Daucheux ; Theodor Reuss of the OTO; Henry and Belle Wagner, financial supporters and C.C. Zain's initiators; C.C. Zain AKA Elbert Benjamine; Thomas Johnson, successor ; Mrs. Josephine Cables aka Mrs. William Farrington Aldrich, editor ofThe Occult World, 1882; Alexander Wilder, MD: Prof. Bob Brier; K. Paul Johnson; Thomas Moore Johnson

Friends: Sarah Stanley Grimke, co-writer;

Organizations: The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor; Founded the Fellowship of Light, which became the Church of Light in 1932; Freemasonry;

Author: The Light of Egypt, which revealed all of the HBL theoretical doctrines, but no practical occultism, and strongly was influenced by Max Theon's Cosmique Philosophy and borrows somewhat from Blavatsky while decrying her and her organization; “The Mysteries of Eros”; The Language of the Stars (1892); Celestial Dynamics (1896); The Light of Egypt, vol. 2, (1900); Naronia, (a cosmic history);

Resources: see also The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor by Joscelyn Godwin, et al ;; read it at for a better understanding of what the Victorians and later thought Egyptians believed, which was a mix of Medieval and renascence Magick and Science, with some Hinduism thrown in for effect; see his student's book -; listen to him here - ;; ; Thebes, Luxor and Loudsville, Georgia by Geoffrey McVey in THE OCCULT IN NINETEENTH CENTURY AMERICA, edited by Cathy Gutierrez, 2005;