Thomas Henry Huxley

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Thomas Henry Huxley AKA "Darwin's Bulldog"

England 1825 – 1895

Comments: Natural Science ; proselytizer of evolution; coined the term 'agnostic'; comparative anatomist; birds evolved from small carnivorous dinosaurs; Professor of Natural History at the Royal School of Mines; visited Yale and came up to Rocky Hill to see the Dinosaur footprints now on display at Dinosaur State Park; Free Will vs Determinism debate; ancestor of Aldous Huxley;

Teachers: Charles Darwin; Alfred Russel Wallace; Aristotle; John Cooke in Coventry; Thomas Chandler; John Salt; Thomas Wharton Jones, Professor of Ophthalmic Medicine and Surgery at University College London; Robert Knox; John Amos Comenius; O. C.Marsh; George Peabody of Yale's Peabody Museum; Auguste Comte;

Students: George Rolleston; William Flower ; Michael Foster; E. Ray Lankester; S.H. Vines; W.T. Thiselton-Dyer; T. Jeffery Parker; William Rutherford; Sir Arthur Shipley; E.W MacBride; Fritz Müller; Henry Bates; H. G. Wells; Groucho Marx ; John James Audubon, bird painter;

Friends: Edward Forbes FRS ; Joseph Dalton Hooker ; John Tyndall; Joseph Lister; Henry James, author; Charles Lyell; Asa Gray; John Lubbock; Herbert Spencer (sub-editor of the Economist); Thomas Hirs; Edward Frankland; George Busk, zoologist and paleontologist; Hermann von Helmholtz;

Enemies: Samuel Wilberforce; Richard Owen; disagreed with Jean-Baptiste Lamarck; Vladimir Lenin;

Organizations: Secretary, then President of the Royal Society; Royal Navy; President of the Geological Society from 1868–70,; London School Board; Order of the North Star of Sweden; The X Club; Principal of the South London Working Men's College in Blackfriars Road;

Author: nine volumes of his Collected Essays; Evolution and Ethics;

Resources:; read him here - ; or listen here - ; on the relationship of the 3 Founders of Evolutionary Science - "Whatever. I am not claiming to be the Charles Darwin of putting pizza in a skillet, nor the Alfred Russel Wallace. I wish only to be a Thomas Henry Huxley, doing my part to promote a discovery that is true and which has the power to reshape our understanding of the fundamentals of life" - ;