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Sir Thomas Malory of Newbold Revel in Warwickshire AKA “Syr Thomas Maleore knyght”

England  ? - 1471

Comments: perhaps the First English Author for whom we have a complete work, may tie with Geoffrey Chaucer; King Arthur, Sir Lancelot; Queen Guinevere, Sir Tristram; the Holy Grail, Morgana Le Fey, the Round Table; A template for the Cheveraldic Romances which followed, and brought the idea of Romantic Love of the Troubadours to a Europe where Marriage was all about Property, not emotions; mentioned in the Winchester Manuscript, lots of other similarly named people; imprisoned for robbery, rape and mayhem, but it was all against his enemies in the War of the Roses, so he was pardoned when the new King took over; It almost seems as if, while imprisoned, he decided to embrace Christianity more seriously, as the Arthurian tales spend a lot of time on Chivalry and the Pentacostal Oath would have "civilized" the behavior of the Nobles; While he wrote it for the Noble Class, the invention and spread of printing to England allowed it (in William Caxton's edited and mistitled version to reach the Merchant Class, who wanted to learn to behave like Nobles, and took King Arthur as an example;

Teachers: no information, French romances of the Troubadours; unlikely to have seen Dante Alighieri's poems; not likely to have read Beowulf, Sir Robert Bruce Cotton translates it later; May have read Geoffrey Chaucer, but he wrote in vernacular English of the times, not upper class French; King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table; Homer; Geoffrey of Monmouth, @ 1140; Chrétien de Troyes, poet; ; Nennius, a Welsh Cleric; Gildas; Aneirin; Taliesin the Bard; Lifris of Llancarfan, 1061-1104; William of Malmesbury, 1125; Henry of Huntingdon, 1129; Caradoc of Llancarfan, @ 1120-1130; Jocelyn of Furness, @ 1185; Wace, 1155; Thomas of Britain, @ 1170; Béroul, @ 1170; Robert de Boron; Robert Biket; Eilhart von Oberge; Ulrich von Zatzikhoven; Guillaume le Clerc, 1190; Raoul de Houdenc; "Luce de Gat" (@ 1230s); "Helie de Boron" (@ 1240); Heldrius de Cornwall; (Rustichello da Pisa; Galliot du Pré; Gottfried von Strassburg; Der Stricker; Brother Robert of Norway, 1217–1263; Marie de France; Layamon; Thomas Chestre; Matteo Maria Boiardo;

Students: William Shakespeare; Sir Walter Scott ; Edmund Spenser; William Blake; John Milton; John Leland ;John Bale ; William Caxton; Sir William Dugdale; Thomas Wright; H. Oskar Sommer; Professor George Lyman Kittredge; Sir John Rhys; T.H. White; John Boorman; Monty Python's Flying Circus; Mark Twain; Walter Gibson; Richard Wagner; Lord Edward Bulwer-Lytton; Percy Bysshe Shelley; Lord Byron; Cheshcat AKA Lisa M; Wynkyn de Worde; George D. Painter; Richard Pynson; William Copland (1557); Thomas East (1585); William Stansby, (1634); Robert Southey; Alfred, Lord Tennyson ; Aubrey Beardsley; Sidney Lanier; Thomas Charles-Edwards; John Morris; Nowell Myres; R.J.Stewart; Gareth Knight aka The Grail Knight; George Watson MacGregor Reid; Wolfram von Eschenbach, author of Parzival; Thomas Wright; Thomas Hahn; J. R. R. Tolkien; Thomas Hughes, 1587; William Rowley; Sir Richard Blackmore; Thomas Warton; W. H. Ireland; James Knowles; Sidney Lanier ; Algernon Charles Swinburne; Edmund Downey; Howard Pyle; Natsume Sōseki; Clemence Housman; Charles W. S. Williams; H. Warner Munn; C. S. Lewis; John Cowper Powys; Mary Stewart; Mary Zimmer Bradley; Thomas Berger; Stephen Lawhead; Persia Woolley; Peter David; A. A. Attanasio; Nancy Springer; Rosalind Miles; Jane Yolen; Gerald Morris; Parke Godwin; Fred Saberhagen; David Drake; Andre Norton; Deepak Chopra; Mike W. Barr and penciled by Brian Bolland of Camelot 3000 comic; Robert Holdstock; John Heath-Stubbs; Geoffrey Ashe; Monty Python (aka Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin); John Boorman of Excalibur movie; Alan Ladd, actor; Peter Cushing, actor ; Hal Foster of Prince Valiant comic strip; Alan Jay Lerner; Frederick Loewe; Richard Harris ; Vanessa Redgrave; Sean Connery; Miles O'Keeffe; Richard Gere; Dino De Laurentiis, movie mogul;

Friends: Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick; Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick; Elizabeth Walsh, wife; King Edward the Fourth of England;

Enemies: Humphrey Stafford, Duke of Buckingham; Margaret King ; William Hales of Monks Kirby; John Mylner; Hugh Smyth of Monks Kirby;

Organizations: English Parliament, 1443;

Author: compiler of Le Morte d'Arthur, the Tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, in French, the official English Royal language of his time;

Resources:; read him here - ; ; summery of the story, it is a little hard to read - ; not much easier when listened to, but try here - ; Great Minds of the Medieval World lectures by Prof. Dorsey Armstrong ;