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Thomas Moore Johnson aka the Midwest Platonist

America 1851 - 1919

Comments: politician; Neoplatonism; Sex magick; Rosicrucian; sympathetic to the Qabalists; sympathetic to Alchemy;

Teachers: Plato; Thomas Taylor; Iamblichus; Porphyry ; Plotinus ; Max Theon; Peter Davidson; Eliphas Levi; Paul Christian, astrologer; [P. B. Randolph]]; Thomas Burgoyne; Hargrave Jennings; Isaac Myer aka Isaac Meyer; Synesius of Cyrene; Hypatia; Solomon ibn Gabirol aka Avicebron aka Solomon Ben Yehudah Ibn Gabirol ; Dionysius Areopagiticus aka "the Areopagite"; Antoine Court de Gébelin AKA Antoine Court aka Antoine, Comte d' Gebelin ; Emma Hardinge Britten; General Ethan Allen Hitchcock; [[C. Staniland Wake], author of Serpent and Siva Worship ; Marsilio Ficino, owned an original copy; Giovanni Pico della Mirandola; John Argyropoulos; George Gemistos Plethan aka "Themistius Byzantinus"; Damascius; Paracelsus; Apollonius of Tyana , not of Rhodes or the Effeminate; Jacob Boehme (AKA Jakob Bohme) ; Count Cavour aka Camillo Paolo Filippo Giulio Benso, Count of Isolabella and of Leri; Epictetus the Stoic;

Students: John Patrick Deveney ; Rev. George Stevens; Mrs. Julia P. Stevens of the Plato Club, Ill, 1888; Miss Sarah E. Raymond; Miss Effie Henderson; Dr. E.W. Gray; Mrs. Mary A. Marmon; Miss Nellie Fitzgerald; Miss Clara Ewing; Prof. A.S. McCoy; Mrs. Emelie S. Maddox; Dr. Hiram K. Jones; Jay Bregman, author of The Neoplatonic Revival in North America ; Cathy Gutierrez, author of Plato's Ghost; L.A. Off , author of “A School of Philosophy” , 1887; Manly P. Hall of the Philosophical Research Society ; his wife Maria Bauer Hall ; Kenneth Guthrie aka Rev. Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie, translator of the Mayan Popul Vuh and publisher of the monthly The Prophet magazine and Pythagoras Source Book and Library (1920); his brother Rev. William Norman Guthrie of the The Body and Soul Clinic , 1923; Paul Anderson; Paul K. Johnson; Joscelyn Godwin; Samuel Scarborough; Frater TSH=171 aka T. Allen Greenfield; Ronnie Pontiac; Mrs. Louise Fuller; members of The Embryonic Free and Independent Anti-Red-Tape Society aka Friends in Council of Quincy, IL; ; members of the American Akademe, 1883; William Jennings Bryan; Emil Verch;

Friends: Senator Waldo Porter Johnson, father; Ralph Waldo Emerson; Amos Bronson Alcott; Louisa May Alcott, daughter, author of Little Women ; the American Transcendentalists ; Dr. Alexander Wilder, researcher on Isis Unveiled for Madame Blavatsky, 1876; Alice Barr Johnson, wife; Hiram K. Jones aka “the modern Plato,” aka the “western metaphysical giant” aka “the western wonder”, 1882; sons - : Ralph Proclus, Franklin Plotinus, author of Foundations for a Study of Lysippus and Waldo Plato; Helen M. Johnson, daughter, author of Brief History Of Jainism; Dr. Robert Gunn;

Enemies: Paul Shorey;

Organizations: American Central Council or the Committee of Seven of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor or H.B.L., 1866; the University of Notre Dame ; Theosophical Society (American Board); lectured to the Western Philosophical Association, later called the American Philosophical Association;

Author: editor, writer, translator and publisher of The Platonist magazine in frontier Missouri; Lives of the Platonists, never finished; Biography of Thomas Taylor, never finished; Three Treatises of Plotinus, 1880; probably 1st English translation of Eliphas Levi available in the Midwest; Bibliotheca Platonica: an Exponent of the Platonic Philosophy, 1889; translated [Iamblichus]]'s Exhortation to Philosophy, 1908; Opuscula Platonica: The Three Fundamental Ideas of the Human Mind – Hermeias’ Platonic Demonstration of the Immortality of the Soul, 1909; published Thomas Taylor’s Dissertation on the Platonic Doctrine of Ideas, 1909; lecture to the Southwest Teachers Association on The Three Fundamental Ideas of the Human Mind, given and published ; the Journal of the American Akademe with Alick Wilder;

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