Timothy d’Arch Smith

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Timothy d’Arch Smith

England ? - ?

Comments: Thelemite; researcher;

Teachers: Aleister Crowley; Austin Osman Spare ; Oscar Wilde; Gerald Yorke; Montague Summers; Ralph Chubb; Reginald Ashley Caton of Fortune Press (1897–1971);


Friends / Enemies / Partners: Christopher McIntosh; Will Parfitt;


Author: ALEMBIC: A Novel; The Books of the Beast: Essays on Aleister Crowley, Montague Summers, Francis Barrett, and Others; Love in Earnest: Some Notes on the Lives and Writings of English 'Uranian' Poets from 1880-1930; Montague Summers a Bibliography; Review: “The Times Deceas’d: The Rare Book Department of The Times Bookshop in the 1960s; R. A. Caton and the Fortune Press: a memoir and a hand-list, 1983;

Resources: http://www.amazon.com/Timothy-DArch-Smith/e/B001K8GTQU