Tommaso Campanella

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Tommaso Campanella AKA Giovanni Domenico Campanella

Italy 1568 – 1639

Comments: Astrologer; Utopian socialist; Political revolutionary in Spain, imprisoned and tortured for years; share property and wives; The Age of the Spirit begins 1600;

Teachers: Bernardino Telesio (1509–1588); Joachim of Fiore; Hermes Trismegistus;

Students: Johannes Valentinus Andreae AKA Christian Rosenkreuz; Mircea Eliade; General Giuseppe Garibaldi ; Daniel Pickering Walker, 1914–1985, author of Spiritual and Demonic Magic, 1958 ; Frances Yates;

Friends: Galileo; Pope Urban VIII; Cardinal Barberini ; Cardinal Richelieu; King Louie the XIII;

Enemies: Aristotle;

Organizations: Dominican Order, Catholic Church;

Author: , Philosophia sensibus demonstrata ("Philosophy demonstrated by the senses"), 1592; The Monarchy of Spain (1600); Political Aphorisms (1601); Atheismus triumphatus (Atheism Conquered, 1605–1607); Quod reminiscetur (1606?); Metaphysica (1609–1623); Theologia (1613–1624); The City of the Sun (originally written in Italian in 1602; published in Latin in Frankfurt (1623) and later in Paris (1638)); The Defense of Galileo (written 1616, published 1622);

Resources: ; read him here - ; especially this ; listen to him here - ;