Virginia Satir

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Virginia Satir AKA The Mother of Family Therapy aka “Ginger”

America 1916 – 1988

Comments; family psychiatrist;one of the sources modeled for Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP); Virginia Satir Change Process Model; "Becoming More Fully Human"; felt our faults have positive aspects, and our skills negative baggage;

Teachers: Eleanor Roosevelt; Marlene Dietrich; King Henry VIII; Aristotle; Groucho Marx ; Minnie Happe Pagenkopf, mother; Estelle Stone, High School teacher; Alma Allison, college professor; Dr. Calmest Gyros at the Illinois Psychiatric Institute;

Students: Richard Bandler; John Grinder; Steve Andreas;Chuck Furnace; Johanna Schwab; Sharon Loeschen; Diana Hall; Marilyn Peers; Laura Dodson;

Friends: Gordon Rodgers, 1st husband; Norman Satir, 2nd husband; Don Jackson ; Jules Riskin;

Organizations; Systemic Constellations;Beautiful People AKA the International Human Learning Resources Network; the Avanta Network; the Abraham Lincoln House; the Chicago Home for Girls ; the Mental Health Research Institute : Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California (director of the Human Potential Development Programs);

Author; Changing With Families (1976) with Richard Bandler & John Grinder; Conjoint Family Therapy, 1964; Peoplemaking, 1972; The New Peoplemaking, 1988; Self Esteem.; Making contact; Your many faces;