Vladimir Soloviev

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Vladimir Soloviev aka Vladimir Sergeyevich Solovyov

Russia 1853 – 1900

Comments: Russian Christian Qabalist; spent his final years obsessed with fear of the "Yellow Peril", warning that the Chinese, would invade Russia; philosopher of the Divine Feminine, "Russian Slavophile concept of sobornost (organic or spontaneous order through integration)";

Teachers: Eliphas Levi; Madam Blavatsky; Sergey Mikhaylovich Solovyov, father, 1820–1879, historical novelist Vsevolod Solovyov, brother, 1849-1903; Pamfil Yurkevich; Rabbi Philo of Alexandria; Valentinus; Paracelsus; Cornelius Agrippa; Jakob Bohme; Emanuel Swedenborg; Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin ; John Pordage; Christan Knorr von Rosenroth; Jean de Pauly,1860-1903, translator of the Zohar into French; Karl W. Leiningen-Billigheim; Chrisoph Hirsch AKA Joseph Stellaturus;

Students: Judith Kornblatt; Joseph Papin; Konstantin Burmistrov; Leo Tolstoy; Nikolai Berdyaev; Nikolai Lossky; Semyon Frank; both brothers Sergei Nikolaevich Trubetskoy and Evgenii Nikolaevich Trubetskoy; Rudolf Steiner; Andrei Belyi; Alexander Blok; Solovyov; Hans Urs von Balthasar; Sergei Bulgakov, author of Svet Nevechernyii; Pavel Florenskii aka Pavel Florensky, author of Imena (The Names) and Stolp i utverzh-denie istiny (The pillar and ground of truth) and idea that "a person’s name as a “logos spermatikos,” the mystical center of his or her personality";

Friends: Fyodor Dostoyevsky, 1821–1881;

Enemies: disagreed with Aristotle;

Organizations: Christian member of the Society for the Promotion of Culture Among the Jews of Russia;

Author: Sophia; Philosophical Principles of the Integral Knowledge; The Crisis of Western Philosophy: Against the Positivists; Three Encounters and Lectures on Godmanhood; Tale of the Antichrist, 1900, (China and Japan join forces to conquer Russia); poem Pan-Mongolism, 1894; La Russie et l’Eglise universelle, 1889;

Resources: https://www.academia.edu/32970525/THE_INTERPRETATION_OF_KABBALAH_IN_EARLY_20TH-CENTURY_RUSSIAN_PHILOSOPHY?email_work_card=view-paper ; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vladimir_Solovyov_(philosopher) ;