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Baron Karl Gotthelf von Hund AKA Karl Gotthelf, Baron von Hund und Altengrotkau AKA "nulla vi invertur ordo" ("No power can overthrow the Order") AKA Carolus Eques ab Ense (Latin for Charles Knight of the Sword) AKA Chevalier de l´Épée (Knight of the Sword in French)

Germany 1722 - 1776

Comments: Freemason; Believed "Unknown Superiors" or "Hidden Masters" guided Humanity and Freemasonry, an idea which greatly influenced Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society. "Rectified Masonry"; led to the Rite of Strict Observance, 1764; converted to Catholicism in France, 1742; Order of the Knights Templar, 1742; After his death, the Lodge of Philalethes combined his rituals with those teachings of the Elus Cohens and Jean-Baptiste Willermoz brought it to France and in a very different direction, playing up the Catholic and French aspects of the Occult lineage. The ritual meanings went from German Military strictness to French Occult luxury, keeping the Templar and Hidden Adept ideas from the Strict Observance Rite; Creator of Masonic Rites;

Teachers: James Anderson; Albert Mackey ; Albert Pike; Herr Von Bieberstein; Lord Kilmarnock (Grand Master of Scotland, in 1742- 43); Chevalier Andrew Michael Ramsay, linked Freemasonry to Crusade Knights; Charles Louis Auguste Fouquet, Duc de Belle-Isle, initiated him into Freemasonry; General James Keith, 1696-1758, who turned out to be a fraud;

Students: Jean-Baptiste Willermoz; Duke Ferdinand of Brunschweig; King Charles XIII of Sweden, his chosen successor, resigned after 2 years to form the Masonic Swedish rite; King Gustaf III; Robert Benjamin Folger ; Johann August Von Starck (1741 - 1816) of the Clerks of Relaxed Observance, 1771 ; Baron von Knigge AKA Adolph Franz Friedrich Ludwig Baron Von Knigge aka Adolph Freiherr Knigge; Johann Joachim Christoph Bode (1731 – 1793); Lazare Bruneteau; Lavalette de Langes aka Savalette de Langes; Nicolas de Bonneville aka the Chevalier de Bonneville; Baron von Zinnendorf aka Johann Wilhelm von Zinzendorf aka Dr. Johann Wilhelm Ellenberger; Marquis de Chefdebien; Baron Ernst Werner von Raven; François Bonaventure Joseph Mount, Marquis de Gages, “Grand Master of the Blue and Red Lodges under the Prince of Clermont and Edouard”; Brother Louis, Prince of Bourbon-Condé and Count of Clermont; Count Knut Carlsson Posse; Sir Henry Goring, 2nd Baronet, 1622–1702; “Chevalier de la Luze” @ 1750; Frederick V of Denmark, 1752; Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick, 1770; Count Hans Axel von Fersen; Baron von Wächter; Duke of Brunswick; Robert Ambelain;Petros Melissinos in Russia, 1765;

Friends: Prince Charles Edward Stuart AKA Bonnie Prince Charlie, the Young Pretender aka “Soleil d’Or, Milite de Bretagne” aka Golden Sun, Knight of Britain aka Mr. Le Baron de Douglas when undercover, Stuart heir to the British throne in exile in France; Jacobites; Duke Friedrich August of Germany; Peter Lambert de Lintot of the Rite of the Seven Degrees ;

Enemies: Baron von Gugomos;

Organizations: Freemasonry, 1741; "Rectified Masonry"; founded the Rite of Strict Observance, 1751; Scottish Rite of Freemasonry; Knights Templars; paved the way for the Rectified Scottish Rite; Order of the Thistle , initiated by Christophe de Bonneville;


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