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W. L. Wilmshurst aka Worshipful Brother Walter Leslie Wilmshurst

England 1867 – 1939

Comments: Freemason; Mystic; Ceremonial Magician; Freemasonry as a "sacramental system"; the Mysteries of Eleusis; thinks the "Lewis" is referring to Eleusis, (a Lewis is a device which lifts a large stone block, or a Father who initiated his Son in Freemasonry or anciently "which when properly dovetailed into a stone forms a clamp, enabling Masons to lift great weights with little inconvenience whilst fixing them on their proper bases"); the Greater and Lesser Mysteries; equates King Solomon with Chockmah / Male projective force, King Hiram of Tyre as the Female / receptive/ "material" force, and Hiram Abiff as the "Son", sacrificed; Wisdom (Gnosis), Strength (divine dynamic energy) and Beauty (Man becoming Adam Kadamon) ; Hear; See; Keep Silence ; The sign (index finger to lips) was used by the Egyptians as the Sign of Horos and by the Greeks as the Sign of Harpocrates; Masonic progress travels the darkness of natural reason, to illumination of the mind, and then the Light (lux) of the Spirit ; Uno itinere non potest perveniri ad tam grande secretum aka “Not by one avenue only can we arrive at so tremendous a secret", for all see it from their own perspective; God and the human soul are in essence a unity, not a duality;

Teachers: William Schaw; William Sinclair of Roslin; David Cunningham of Robertland; Sir James Murray of Kilbaderton; Sir Anthony Alexander; Robert Drummond of Carnok; Sir John Veitch of Dawyck; John Carmichael; William Moray of Dreghorn; Sir Robert Moray, his brother; Sir William Bruce, 1671; Rev. James Anderson; John Theophilus Desaguliers; Laurence Dermott; Albert Mackey M.D.; Thomas Smith Webb; William Stukeley; Daniel Coxe;Anthony Sayer; Henry Price; Jacob Lamball; William Preston; Prince Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex; Malcolm C. Duncan; Albert Pike; Joseph Fort Newton; Harold Van Buren Voorhis aka Harold V. B. Voorhiof The Eastern Star; Carl H. Claudy; Bernard E. Jones of The Royal Arch; Rob Morris aka Robert Morris; Rev. George Oliver; H. L. Haywood aka Harry Leroy Haywood;, Robert Macoy, publisher; Charles G. Addison of the Knights Templar; William Stirling; R. Cohen of the Knights of Malta; William L Hutchinson ; Jeremy L. Cross; Rudyard Kipling; Lionel Vibert, author of The Rare Books of Freemasonry; J Hugo Tatsch, author of Freemasonry in the Thirteen Colonies; Silas H. Shepherd; William James; A.E. Waite; Elias Ashmole; Richard Maurice Bucke, M.D, author of Cosmic Consciousness ; Plato; Jakob Bohme; Edward Carpenter ; James Allen, author of As A Man Thinkith; Walt Whitman; Alfred, Lord Tennyson; William Wordsworth; Thomas Malory; Fulcanelli; Richard Wagner; Wolfram von Eschenbach; Dionysius Areopagiticus aka "the Areopagite"; Pythagoras; Pericles; Moses; Jesus; St. Paul ;Iamblichus; Anebo ; Porphyry; Socrates; Plato; Plutarch; Milton ; Virgil; Lucius Apuleius ; Clement of Alexandria; Charles Darwin ; Saint Augustine; Rabindranath Tagore ; King Solomon; Dr. Rufus M. Jones; Thomas Vaughan; Jacob Boehme (AKA Jakob Bohme; John Duns Scotus; Meister Eckhart AKA Eckhart von Hochheim ; George Fox; Jan van Ruysbroek aka John of Ruysbroeck; Russell Lowell; Robert Browning; William Wynn Westcott; S. L. MacGregor Mathers; Mary Anne Atwood, 1817- 1910, author of A Suggestive Inquiry into the Hermetic Mystery, with a Dissertation on the More Celebrated of the Alchemical Philosophers, 1850;

Students: Max Heindel; Manly P. Hall; Andrew Hammer; Kirk White; Christopher Hodapp;Mark Stavish; John Michael Greer; Christopher Knight; Stephen Dafoe; Tim Hogan; S. Brent Morris; Laurence Gardner; Cliff Porter; Tobias Churton;Robert Lomas, who has researched him extensively; James Wasserman; Lon Milo DuQuette; The Knights of the North; WB Chuck Furnace;

Friends: Meredith Starr of The Occult Review; J. M. Watkins;

Organizations: Freemasonry, 1922, Huddersfield Lodge, No. 290; The Lodge of Living Stones No. 4957 (UGLE 1927), which inspired the Research Lodges like the Philosophic Lodge of Research in CT;

Author: The Meaning of Masonry; The Ceremony of Initiation aka The Masonic Initiation (1924); The Ceremony of Passing; Notes on Cosmic Consciousness; (articles like:) "The Fundamental Philosophic Secrets Within Masonry"; "The Hidden Church of the Holy Graal"; "The Mystical Basis of Freemasonry"; "Reason and Vision"; "The Working Tools of an Old York Master"; "Spurious Ecstasy and Ceremonial Magic"; articles in the Occult Review; Parsifal; a study of Wagner's music drama (1922); Christianity and Science: The Latest Phase; The Scientific Apprehension of the Superphysical World, For Private Circulation;

Quotes: Coming events cast their shadows before ; First the natural; afterwards the spiritual; our present system is not one coming from remote antiquity: that there is no direct continuity between us and the Egyptians, or even those ancient Hebrews who built, in the reign of King Solomon, a certain Temple at Jerusalem. What is extremely ancient in Freemasonry is the spiritual doctrine concealed within the architectural phraseology; for this doctrine is an elementary form of the doctrine that has been taught in all ages, no matter in what garb it has been expressed;

1. The use of the Tools is to effect the conquest of one's lower nature and will by the powers of one's higher nature and the spiritual will. One who is not master of himself and of his lower faculties cannot function on loftier levels or understand the nature of cosmic work. "He who is faithful in small things shall become ruler over great things."

2. The understanding and the use of the Tools are progressive and become disclosed more and more as one advances. It is hopeless to understand the more advanced Tools (those of the Third Degree and of an Installed Master) until the use of the First and Second Degree Tools has become the habit of one's life. (lots more) "For of the soul the body form doth take, For soul is form and doth the body make."

Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_Leslie_Wilmshurst; read him here - http://www.bradford.ac.uk/webofhiram/?section=walter_leslie_wilmshurst, really! ; and - http://pictoumasons.org/library/Wilmshurst,%20Walter%20Leslie%20~%20The%20Meaning%20of%20Masonry%20%5Bpdf%5D.pdf and especially here - http://www.bradford.ac.uk/webofhiram/?section=walter_leslie_wilmshurst&page=Spurious.html ; https://archive.org/details/cu31924022297950; http://books.google.com/books?id=vd81AQAAMAAJ&pg=PP1&lpg=PP1&dq=W.+L.+Wilmshurst++Walter+Leslie+Wilmshurst;&source=bl&ots=CqBNNjcd7U&sig=byrNV8CaKhx1DXAXLA-htMegEbE&hl=en&sa=X&ei=k7biUqnfO-qgsQTp6oDIAw&ved=0CEgQ6AEwBDge#v=onepage&q=W.%20L.%20Wilmshurst%20%20Walter%20Leslie%20Wilmshurst%3B&f=false ; http://www.rexresearch.com/atwood/cont.htm ;