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Sir Walter Scott, 1st Baronet AKA "The Wizard of the North" aka The Border Minstrel," aka "the Great Magician"

Scotland 1771 – 1832

Comments: historical novelist and propagandist; his Abbotsford home was a mecca of learning; a tale is told that his Mother was buried prematurely, and awoke when grave robbers opened her grave in the rain. He was born 5 years later after she recovered from the shock and married; worked for the Emancipation of the Jews in England; discovered Charles II's hiding place of the long-lost Crown Jewels; Walter Scott's Monument in George Square,Glasgow, Scotland;

Teachers: Thomas Blacklock, poet; Robert Burns; Gottfried August Bürger; James Macpherson; Hermes Trismegistus;

Students: David MacRitchie; Franz Schubert, composer; Ralph Waldo Emerson; Rafael Sabatini (1875 - 1950), author of Captain Blood, Scaramouche, The Sea Hawk and others;

Friends: James Ballantyne, publisher; Sir William Forbes, 6th Baronet; Charlotte Genevieve Charpentier (AKA Carpenter), wife; King George IV; Jane Austen; Anne Bronte; Sir Edwin Landseer, Sir Henry Raeburn and James Eckford Lauder, all painters; David Brewster, 1781 - 1868;

Enemies: E.M. Forster; Charles Baudelaire; Mark Twain; The Sobieski Stuarts aka John Sobieski Stuart aka John Carter Allen & Charles Edward Stuart aka Charles Manning Allen, author of Vestiarium Scoticum, 1842,frauds;

Organizations; Freemasonry; Lodge Saint David No. 36 of Edinburgh, 1801; offered the grandmastership of the Royal Grand Conclave of Knights Templar of Scotland, but declined; Royal Society of Edinburgh; Royal Celtic Society;

Author: Ivanhoe; Rob Roy; The Lady of the Lake; Waverley; The Heart of Midlothian ; The Bride of Lammermoor; Demonology and Witchcraft; Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft; articles in the Tory Quarterly Review; a biography of Napoleon Bonaparte; The Pirate (1822); Tales of the Crusaders, consisting of The Betrothed and The Talisman (1825); The Siege of Malta (1831-1832), published posthumously 2008); Marmion (1808); The Lay of the Last Minstrel; Life and Works of Swift; The Black Dwarf; Guy Mannering; Lord of the Isles; Hermetica - The Ancient Greek And Latin Writings Which Contain Religious Or Philosophic Teachings Ascribed To Hermes Trismegistus;

Quotes: “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”; "A sound head, an honest heart, and a humble spirit are the three best guides through time and eternity"; “A lawyer without history or literature is a mechanic, a mere working mason; if he possesses some knowledge of these, he may venture to call himself an architect” ;

Resources:; read him here ;and here - ; much more here; and here ;listen to them here, especially Ivanhoe;