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Wavey Gravey AKA Hugh Nanton Romney AKA Wavy Gravy

America 1936 - present

Comments: Prankster, Naturalist, famous for feeding entire festivals free vegetarian meals; The "Please Force,"; "Nobody for President" campaign; Yippie! Party; fed hundreds of us at the Yale Bowl during protests during the 60s; in the late Sixties at a "Be-In" at the Yale Bowl Baba Ram Dass told a young Chuck Furnace that the only important question was "How Can I Help?" because it acknowledged things were imperfect, but they could be improved, and that I was myself a powerful agent of Change, who could choose to help. He then pointed out the scariest clown I'd ever seen (Wavey Gravey) as being as 'in charge" as anyone of the food services. So I asked the Clown How Can I Help, and served a vegetarian stew to the assembled as part of the Farm's Free Healthy Food program;

Teachers: Richard Alpert AKA Baba Ram Dass; Robert Anton Wilson; Timothy Leary; Ken Kesey; Lenny Bruce, comedian; Tom Paxton, folksinger; Bob Dylan;

Students: Chuck Furnace; Stephen Gaskin;

Friends: Bonnie Beecher AKA Jahanara Romney, wife; Ken Babbs, a Merry Prankster; Claude Doty, Farmer; Grateful Dead; Cream; Jimi Hendrix; Stan Goldstein of Woodstock; Paul Krassner, The Realist comedian; Phyllis Curott; Rev. Ivan Stang of the Church of the SubGenius ; Dr. Larry Brilliant;

Organizations: Camp Winnarainbow; the Seva Foundation with Baba Ram Dass; the Hog Farm,(no pigs, all vegetarian); WinterStar Symposium, 1998; member, Church of the SubGenius ; founder, Church of the Cosmic Giggle;

Author: The Hog Farm and Friends, 1974; featured in the movie Saint Misbehavin': The Wavy Gravy Story, 2010 ; Something Good for a Change; Ben & Jerry's produced an ice cream named "Wavy Gravy" (caramel-cashew-Brazil nut base with a chocolate hazelnut fudge swirl and roasted almonds) and part of the profits go to scholarship fund for underprivileged kids to attend Camp Winnarainbow, the Clown Camp;

Quotes: The simplest thing is to feed the hungry;

Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wavy_Gravy; http://www.wavygravy.net/