Will Parfitt

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Will Parfitt

England  ? @ 1950 - ?

Comments: Qabalist; Thelemite; Will power, Transpersonal psychoanalysis; Sex magick;

Teachers: Aleister Crowley; Roberto Assagioli; Abraham Maslow; Wilhelm Reich; Otto Rank; Friedrich Nietzsche ; Gerald Yorke; Mircea Eliade;

Students: Chuck Furnace

Friends: Andrew Drylie, co-editor of Agape magazine; K. A. Meyers; J. Edward Cornelius AKA Jerry Cornelius;


Author: The Living Qabalah, 1988; Kabbalah: The Tree of Life, 2010; Psychosynthesis: New Perspectives and Creative Research ,2009; The Something and Nothing of Death, 2008; Kabbalah for Life, 2006, reprinted 2010; Psychosynthesis: The Elements and Beyond, 2003, reprinted 2006; Through the Gates of Matter , 2003; The Complete Guide to the Kabbalah, how to apply the ancient mysteries, 2001; Walking Through Walls, 2012; The Elements of the Qabalah, 1999; The New Living Qabalah , revised? 1995; The Elements of the Qabalah, 1991; The Elements of Psychosynthesis , 1990; A Crowley cross-index;

Resources: http://www.willparfitt.com/; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychosynthesis