William G. Gray

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William G. Gray AKA W. G. Gray AKA Bill Gray

England 1913 – 1992

Comments: Qabalist; Rosicrucian; Ceremonial magick; Tarot; racist British neocolonialism, but it was not uncommon at this time....; Creator of quasi - Magical Masonic Rites;

Teachers; Emile Napoleon Hauenstein; Christine Ash Gray (née Christine Chester Logie), mother: Victor Neuburg; Dion Fortune; Papus AKA Gérard Encausse;

Students: Ronald Hutton; Jacobus G. Swart;

Friends / Enemies/ Partners: Aleister Crowley; Robert Cochrane; wife Roberta AKA Bobby Gray;

Organizations: Order of Melchizadek; founded Sangreal Sodality (the Comradely of the Real Blood); Theosophical Society; briefly Fraternity of the Inner Light;

Author: The Rollright Ritual; Ladder of Lights, or Qabalah Renovata, - A Step by Step Guide to the Tree of Life and the Four Worlds of the Qabalists 1968: Inner Traditions of Magic; Exorcising The Tree of Evil: How To Use The Symbolism Of The Qabalistic Tree of Life To Recognize And Reverse Negative Energy ; A Self Made by Magic; The Talking Tree; The Sangreal Tarot: A Magical Ritual System of Personal Evolution; Evoking the Primal Goddess: Discovery of the Eternal Feminine Within; Qabalistic Concepts: Living the Tree ; Magical Ritual Elements; An Outlook on our Western Way; The Sangreal Sacrament; Western Inner Workings; Sangreal Ceremonies and Rituals (Sangreal Sodality Series Volume 4); Magic Ritual Methods; By Standing Stone & Elder Tree. Ritual and the Unconscious, 1990; Magical Ritual Methods, 1998; An Outlook on Our WEestern Way, 1980; Letters of Light - The Magical Letters of William G. Gray to Alan Richardson, 2015;

Resources: his biography The Old Sod by Alan Richardson and Marcus Claridge; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_G._Gray; http://www.sangrealsodality.com/site/;