William S. Burroughs

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William S. Burroughs AKA William Seward Burroughs II AKA Willy Lee, Junkie

America 1914 – 1997

Comments: surrealist writer ;wealthy grandson of the inventor and founder of the Burroughs Cash Register Corporation, became a junkie as a young man and wrote about his experience; literary cut-up technique;

Teachers: Franz Kafka; Max Ernst; Salvador Dali; Picasso; Marcel Duchamp; René Magritt, Man Ray; André Breton; Carlos Castaneda; T. S. Eliot; Horace Burroughs, uncle; Wilhelm Reich, whose Orgone Accumulator he owned; Hassan-i Sabbah, the Old Man of the Mountain of Assassins; Nietzsche; Raymond Chandler; Aleister Crowley; Joseph Conrad; F. Scott Fitzgerald; Denton Welch aka Maurice Denton Welch; Maria de Naglowaska aka Mariya Naglovskaya aka the Sophia of Montparnasse, 1883 - 1936, founder of Confrerie de la Flèche d'Or aka The Brotherhood of the Golden Arrow, Paris,1932 - 1935 ;

Students; Allen Ginsberg; Jack Kerouac; Robert Anton Wilson; Christopher S. Hyatt; Brion Gysin; J. G. Ballard, SF writer; Kathy Acker, author ; Ken Kesey; William Gibson ; John Shirley ; Roger Waters, musician ; Mich Jagger, 1980; Patti Smith; Genesis P-Orridge; Lou Reed; Laurie Anderson; Tom Waits ; Kurt Cobain; David Bowie ; Timothy Leary; Ted Morgan; Peter Hujar, photographer; Ridley Scott, filmmaker; Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche; Barry Miles; Norman Mailer ; Mary McCarthy; Howard Brookner, filmmaker; Jorge García-Robles; Mick Jagger; Andy Warhol; Bob Dylan; J. G. Ballard; William Gibson; Kathy Acker; Darius James, author of Negrophobia; Cory Doctorow ;

Friends: Lawrence Ferlinghetti , poet and publisher of City Lights; Joan Vollmer Burroughs, wife he shot dead while drunk and playing William Tell with a pistol; David Kammerer; Lucien Carr, who murdered Krammerer; Joan Vollmer; Herbert Huncke; Attorney Bernabé Jurado in Mexico; Paul Bowles, poet; Jane Bowles; Julian Jaynes; liked Stephen King;

Enemies; Anthony Burgess; L. Ron Hubbard; Neal Cassady; Samuel Beckett;

Organizations: Beat Generation; joined and then left L. Ron Hubbard's Church of Scientology; Naropa University, 1979;

Author: Junky (1953); Naked Lunch (1959); Queer; The Yage Letters, 1963; Nova Express; The Soft Machine; The Ticket That Exploded; And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks; The Burroughs File; Exterminator!; Cities of the Red Night (1981); The Place of Dead Roads (1983); The Western Lands (1987); Last Words: The Final Journals of William S. Burroughs ; The Adding Machine - collected essays; Blade Runner -a Movie; The Book of Breething (sp) ; Electronic Revolution ; Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ; Interzone; The Job -an interview; The Last Words of Dutch Schultz; Naked Scientology and Ali's Smile; The Place of Dead Roads; Port of Saints; The Wild Boys; His contemplation of Death and the Egyptian Book of the Dead are perhaps the best poetic 'knowledge" available on The Journey to The Western Lands;

Quotes: "I see painting as an evocative magic, and there must always be a random factor in magic, one which must be constantly changed and renewed " ;

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