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Judah Halevi AKA Yehuda Halevi; Hebrew: יהודה הלוי; Arabic: يهوذا هاليفي;

Spain 1075 – 1140

Comments; Rabbi; love poetry and hymns; pro-women as the vessel of God; believed the True NAME of God was hidden in Aleph Heh Vau Yod, the Hebrew dual Vowel/ Consonants which allow the written language to also be more easily pronounced. Interestingly, this theory, well represented by Rabbi Abraham Aben Ezra, resurfaces without it's Spiritual ramifications, in Joel M. Hoffman 's IN THE BEGINNING: a Short History of the Hebrew Language, 2004; his "Tisha B'Av is Zion Halo Tishali" is part of many services; Khazars Jewish Kingdom speculation; Ten Lost Tribes;

Teachers:Isaac Alfasi; Moses Ibn Ezra aka Rabbi Moses ben Ezra;

Students:Rabbi Abraham Aben Ezra; Moses de Leon; Zabara; Hartwig Hirschfeld; Robert of Ketton, a later canon of the Church in Tudela; Hermann of Carinthia; Gerard of Cremona; Dominieus Gundissalinus; Conte de Sarzana ; Theodore, court astrologer of Frederick II; Joseph ben Abraham Gikatilla; Rabbi Abraham Aben Ezra; Moses ben Jacob Cordovero; Adam Afterman, 2011; Raphael Patai; Judah Moscato aka Judah ben Joseph Moscato, author of The Voice of Judah aka Qol Y'huda & The Dispersion of Judah aka N'fusot Y'huda, @ 1530 - 1593; Solomon Vivas aka Solomon ben Judah of Lunel, author of Hesheq Sh'lomo aka Solomon's Desire, 1424; Frat Maimon aka Solomon Ben Menahem; Nethanel Kaspi aka Nathanel ben Nehemia Kaspi; Judah ben Isaac Cardinal; Joseph ben Nathan Official, author of Yosef ha-Meqanne aka Teshubot ha-Minim; Chuck Furnace; Moshe Idel, author of Ascensions on High in Jewish Mysticism;Rabbi Levi Isaac Krakovsky, 1891–1966;

Friends: Yedaya Bedaresi;

Enemies: Judah ben Sabbatai of Barcelona, author of The Woman Hater;


Author: Sefer ha-Kuzari aka Kitab al Khazari aka Book of the Khazars aka Sefer ha-Kuzari : ʻim shene beʼurim ... Ḳol Yehudah ṿe-Otsar neḥmad / ... ḥibro ... Yehudah ha-Leṿi ha-Sefarad, 1130; the openings of poems by Judah ha-Levi; poetry;

Quotes; "The day at last is here, filled full of love's sweet fire, The twain shall soon be one, shall stay their fond desire, Ah! would my Tribe should chance, on such deliverance!"

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