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 The Banishing Pentagrams

                  Now for the pentagrams, but before we start... These are going to be banishing pentagrams that go in the opposite direction to invoking pentagrams. We will be using the banishing pentagram of Earth. When you make these, make them big.


                Start at your left hip, move your athame (a magickal knife, but a sword, wand or finger is also used) ) up at least as high as the top of your head, down to your right hip, up and to the left past, but to about the same height as, your left shoulder, then straight across past your right shoulder, and finally close it off at your left hip again.


 As you are making the pentagrams, imagine that you are tracing them in blue light. As soon as you are done tracing a pentagram, plunge (please be careful of your coven members) your athame into the center of it and intone the appropriate Divine name. Imagine that your words go radiating out to the edge of the Universe. There they will be heard by the Archangel of that direction and he will come towards you. Note: You are casting a circle with these pentagrams, so follow the normal rules. Okay, so let's start the LBRP.