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Acknowledging the Archangels

             Form a pentagram with your body and say what is below. As you say the Archangel's names imagine them coming through the pentacles from that direction. Give the Angelís characteristics belonging to the direction that they are coming from. This depends on your tradition, but for example, Raphael may be a light haired Angel with yellow wings and a sword.

"Before me (or us) Raphael"                              AUDIO  

"Behind me (or us), Gabriel"                              AUDIO

"At my (or our) right hand, Michael"                 AUDIO

"At my (or our) left hand, Auriel"                      AUDIO

 "About me (or us) flames the pentagram"        AUDIO

Stand up straight and say, "And in the column shines the six-fold star."

(or "Above me shines the six-fold star").          AUDIO

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