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                The Middle Pillar 

 - Overview -

Now you're ready for the actual meditation. An odd thing that you may note is that we will be using a Sephiroth that is not usually shown on the tree. This Sephiroth is call Daath (Knowledge) and it is not often shown because everyone creates his/her own. It spans the Abyss and everyone must find his/her way across.

Take a moment to visualize Kether at the crown of your head and envision it as a ball of bright, shimmering light. If it helps to reach up again and bring it down like you did for the Rose Cross, you may, but it is not necessary. Once the image is clear in your mind intone the God name "Ehieh." As you say it, the sphere of light should vibrate and even expand to join with your companions'. Repeat this as many times as you feel necessary; trust yourself in this. When you are done take a deep breath and in exhalation, imagine a shaft of light descend from Kether to Daath (in the throat) and form another sphere of light that encompasses your throat. Intone "Yehovah Elohim" and repeat as many times as you feel necessary, and then as before, imagine a shaft of light descend to Tiphareth.

You will repeat this process until you get to Malkuth. The next page contains a  table of the intonations and locations, as well as AUDIO and RESEARCH buttons.

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