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                                                             The Middle Pillar


Location    God Name   Translation     Sephirot     Interpretation

 Crown of the Head   Ehieh   I am that I am          Kether               Spiritual       

[eh-he-eh]                                              AUDIO     RESEARCH

Throat           Yehovah Elohim         God Creator   Daath              Expression   

[yehovah elo-heem]                                  AUDIO     RESEARCH

Heart  Jehovah Eloah va Daat God of Knowledge Tipharet Will, Health, Love 

[elo-va-daath]                                           AUDIO     RESEARCH 

Groin   Shaddai El Chai    Nurturing God of Life   Yesod    Intuition, Creativity 

[sha-die-el-hkai]                                       AUDIO       RESEARCH

Feet    Adonai ha Arets       Lord of the Earth      Malkuth        Stability            

[adonai-ha-aretz]                                      AUDIO     RESEARCH


When the energy has reached your feet, it may have a tendency to want to continue going. That's all right; don't fight it too much. After you're done intoning for Malkuth, take a moment to visualize the whole thing, each of the Sephirah and the connecting shafts. The energy is starting (actually not starting, but coming in through) the crown of your head, and moving down a sphere at a time until it reaches your feet (and into the earth.) Use this moment to think about what this symbolizes, what this means, how this reflects the Universe and the Divine Will. 

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