Practice -MP - page 6  - copyright 1994 and 2005



     The Fountain

Next we will begin to circulate the energy using our breath. As you inhale, feel the energy draw up from your feet, coursing up your right side. As you exhale, feel it stream down your left side. Repeat this until you feel a strong current whirling around you. Now do the same thing, but draw the energy up your back as you inhale and down you your front as you exhale. Again do this several times, building the energy around you. You may take a moment, if you like, just to enjoy the feeling. Don't be afraid to make sounds. Grunt, groan, laugh, but try not to speak. Since we originally brought the energy down, we must also draw it up. Energy must circulate and not pool. So now as you inhale, draw the energy up from the ground through the central shaft you visualized earlier. Allow it to fill your Sephirah and work its way up to the crown of your head (to Kether.) Then as you exhale, allow it to shower up out of your head and down around you. It will rain down and cover you, and soak into the ground from where you will draw it forth again. Do this several times.

This is a great way to get you energized and ready for other Work or Meditation, so you can, if you want, continue on to something else.

When you are all done, finish up with the Rose Cross or the whole Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentegram if you feel it necessary.