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 The Tree of Life

First envisioned by the ancient Rabbis who delineated the Universe into a meditative diagram of (roughly) ten spheres or energy centers, it was occasionally superimposed upon the human body in artwork and stained glass.

In the brief Renaissance that took place in Spain in the 1400s, Rabbis, Priests and Muslim clerics cooperated and the Rose Cross ritual was added to the meditation.

 In the late 1800s, The Golden Dawn reworked it in the light of ceremonial magick, and a member of one of its offshoots, Dr. Israel Regardie wrote several books on his adaptation.

In the early 1980s a group of experimenters, many of them members of Ouroborous Isis Gnosis, began using the technique for astral travel, healing and ceremonial magick. They formed The Star Lodge and have worked with this technique ever since. Occasionally the name changed to reflect changes in membership or the teachings and visions received, but the consistency of The WORK has remained.