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Charities we recommend

Before opening your wallet for these very good causes, please consider becoming

 an organ donor in Connecticut or around the Nation.

No one wants to consider unpleasant possibilities, but the greatest act of courage and kindness

that you can do is insure that your family could rescue others in the case of your death.

After a long, debilitating illness, I was saved by a heart transplant when a family decided

not to let their loved one's death be the end of his or her giving.

Hawkwing brings aid to the elders and children

of the Lakota Nation in South Dakota. Volunteers load the trucks in CT for the long

haul to the Reservation. Rochelle also has arranged for filmmakers and

students to preserve the Lakota Elder's stories.

Donate to Hawkwing

The Freemasons of Connecticut and other States run a free

program for children and parents to prevent the abduction of children

and aid in their recovery

Learn More about the CT CHIP Program

The Strega Nona Society is a private group of concerned Pagans dedicated to encouraging

the active participation of Pagan kids and families in spiritual life.

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