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The Golem WORKing

The STAR LODGE Knowledge Lecture

 C. Furnace May 2,  1998 ev.

G-d's WORK


he Qabalistic Rabbis were not content accepting the Old Testament when it began the story of Genesis with the phrase "In the Beginning G-d created the Heavens and the Earth". If G-d is all knowing, all powerful and all PRESENT, then everything that existed was G-d, not these incomplete states called Earth, or even Heaven.

Everything that existed must have been in Unity with G-d, a state known as A CH A D (# 13). This is the word that ends the SHEMA, the most basic Hebrew prayer proclaiming monotheism. But it goes beyond monotheism to Taoism, in that the esoteric interpretation of ACHAD indicates that all things, Spirit and Matter, Good and Evil, Lucky and Tragic, are all parts of the Divine One.

So to create something that was "Not G-d", the Divine had to pull back it's essence, inhaling it into ITself, to make room. Then, charging that breath with Divine intent, IT exhaled it into the space (or form, since all around it was G-d) prepared and created the Heavens and the Earth.

The building blocks of this intent were the Hebrew letters. It allowed G-d to mold and differentiate diverse elements in this new state of "Not G-d". As previously everything had just been "G-d", there had been no need for any differentiation. But these new creations were different both from G-d and each other. Thus G-d began the process of naming, or distinguishing, them.  Each part retained its Divine origin, but through combinations of the letters further distinctions could be made, such as Light and Dark, Land and Sea and eventually Humans from Animals.

The Rabbis concluded that Breath, suitably charged with Divine intent, creating combinations of letters into names, was the ultimate creative force. The ultimate G-d force.

Later in Genesis, when G-d creates man, he molds the Earth into a form and breathes life into it,  differentiating it with the name ADM. And this breath animates that clay form with a balance of free will and a Divine nature, that it may find its own path back to Unity.

The Rabbi's WORK



here are tales from Medieval Europe of a Rabbi, inspired by G-d's method, who successfully emulated it to create a creature of animated clay to help his people. While there are many variations, the basic story is that the King was going to lead a pogrom and destroy all the Jews living in Prague. They had offered him bribes to be left alone, but he had become greedy and fearful of their knowledge.

So Rabbi Loew created a massive clay figure and performed a ritual to animate it. He was not egotistical enough to mimic G-d and create a new, thinking human being, but created a powerful physical tool which was directed by his own mind. Perched on its shoulder, the Golem carried the Rabbi many miles to the King's court.

Here the stories diverge.

Rabbi Loew demonstrated the Golem's great strength by directing it to do impossible deeds before the King. It built walls in a day that should have taken weeks. It lifted mountains and moved them out of the way of roads. Each deed showed off its strength and, although constructive, the King realized that this powerful creature could also become a threat if he attacked the Jews.

All of the stories end in the eventual destruction of the Golem. For it was discovered that this powerful Elemental creature was animated by a word, written on a scroll, and hidden in either it's throat or it's third eye.

And that word was AMET, or Truth.

The Rabbis that come after Rabbi Loew tried to emulate his experiment when the Tribe of Israel faced other dangers, but without success. They pondered long and hard over the scrapes of information which had been passed down from mouth to ear, received (QBLH) from those who had come before, enriched by those WORKing now, preserved and articulated  for those to follow.


Their conclusions were that the venerable Rabbi has combined the names of G-d with combinations of the alphabet and divine intent, focusing the breath of those words into the clay, the ink, the parchment. With massive concentration he attracted a pool of G-dforce and imbued these items with intent, combined them, and created a miracle.

The Star Lodge WORK

The Star Lodge has created and maintained a large concentrated pool of Divine Light for over 15 years. We have used it for strength, for healing, for knowledge. Each use adds to it rather than subtracts, for how can one diminish the infinite?

I invite you to join me in using this Light to aid our sister Bai. Her body is failing her, but her Spirit is strong. Like the venerable old Rabbi of Prague, she needs a powerful servant to do her bidding, carry her around, and perform her miracles.

As its impractical to walk down the street with a large clay figure behind you, I suggest we imbue her body, her clay, with the Golem's strength. Let it be her servant, carry her at the direction of her mind and Spirit.

It will require great concentration and effort.

We must find a place near her home that has privacy, earth we can dig up and sculpt, and preferably a running stream nearby .

We should construct a litter large enough that all of us can participate in carrying her from the car to this site, as the Golem of her body will carry her afterwards.

We should all wear white except for Bai, who should wear earth tones like tans, browns, greens or black.

We must prepare the ink, anointing it with oils and meditating over it for 6 days before use.

We must recombine the names of G-d used in the Middle Pillar with the word AMET to create a new formula for this WORKing .

We must create a piece of jewelry with the word AMET on it.

We will need two very strong people to be the center bearers on both sides of the litter, with four others taking the corners.

We will need two Guardians of the Gate to set up the Archetypal Shakespeare banner, pretend to be Director's assistants, generally take care of the practical tasks so the Lodge can focus on the Spiritual task at hand.  One should dress in black, the other white.

We will need several shovels. I have one, we need more. Bai should turn over the first earth, then sit and prepare while the rest of us dig up a 6 ft x 3 ft by 9 inch space and mold the earth into a human shape.

Bai's task is the hardest. You must meditate and do the Middle Pillar everyday. Become aware of which colors appear to you for each Sphere. Then research what flowers have those colors, and try to choose those that come into bloom the same time. Buy several packets (from different companies if possible) of each type. Create an altar (away from the cats!!!) consisting of 5 bowls of these colors, placed as the Spheres and empty the seeds in the appropriate bowls. Direct your MP energy onto this altar after you have permeated your body with it.

And we must all have a common focus in the WORK. I keep using the image of Bai's invocation of the Circle by polka, but whatever works for you. Bai walking, dancing, smiling and laughing.

Let there be LIGHT