My Survival Story - copyright  2005




My Survival Story   

It is with great joy that I present this WORK to you on the occasion of my 53rd birthday, and approaching the 3rd year of my new life since heart transplant. Organ donation is not just a good idea, it saved my life when my heart failed. After months of wasting away in the hospital, convinced death was due next month, a matching heart was found and this WORK became possible. Please consider making the decision to become an organ donor, and make sure your family is aware of your decision. Leave a living will so your desires will be respected, and carry an organ donor card. Here is a brief pictorial essay of this trial:


      The news is bad, most of my heart muscle was destroyed.



 but hundreds of messages, emails, faxes, flowers, visits and phone calls from friends and family kept our spirits up.


After wasting away and having aDefibrillator

embedded in my chest, the call finally came - they had a matching heart that  would fit.


LaForza was never far from my side, and bore the brunt of balancing our lives, household, and my care. When I emerged from the operation, she rejoiced.



 I  came home, but had months of physical therapy and setbacks ahead.




but we survived it, and are creating a "new normal" out of the ashes of the past. So please, consider giving the gift of life if the worst were to happen, and become an organ donor today.