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Qabalah Bibliography

Chuck 2.0 FURNACE and LA FORZA

October 2, 2004 ev.

The Source

The Pentateuch or Five Books Of Moses aka The Old Testiment

best edition: ed. Dr. J.H. Hertz, Soncino Press 5738 or 1978 CE

The Official Commentary

The Talmud (overwhelming number of volumes and editions)

best edition: The Essential Talmud, Adin Steinsaltz, pb, Bantam, 1977

The Mystical Commentary, source of the QBLH

Sefer Yetzirah: The Book of Creation

best edition: Sefer Yetzirah: The Book of Creation in Theory and Practice, Aryeh Kaplan, Weiser, 1990 (very readable)

The Zohar: The Book of Enlightenment

best edition: Zohar: The Book of Enlightenment, tr. Daniel Matt, Paulist Press, 1983

The Bahir

best edition: The Bahir Illumination, Aryeh Kaplan, Weiser, 1989

The Alphabet of Creation: an ancient legend from the Zohar

a children’s book by Ben Shahn, Schocken Books, 1954

Magickal QBLH

Simplified Magic, Ted Andrews, pb, Llewellyn, 1993

a quick guide to The Middle Pillar and QBLH ritual

The Mystical Qabalah, Dion Fortune, 1935

one of the clearest explainations of the Tree of Life, slightly Christian

Kabbalah, Charles Ponce, Quest, 1973

a Theosophical view, well illustrated, comparative religion

Goodwin’s Cabalistic Encyclopedia, David Godwin, Llewellyn, 1979

indispensible aid to Gematria (includes AC’s 777), brief intro to other aspects

Thelemic QBLH

The Qabalah of Aleister Crowley, Weiser 1973

The Book of Thoth, Aleister Crowley, Weiser 1974

The Thoth Tarot Cards

Unusual but Valuable References

Promethea comic books # 13 to 23 - 2001 - 2004- Alan Moore explore the Tree of Life

Tarot of the Sephiroth a wonderful visual tool for understanding the relationships on the Tree