Practice - Rose Cross  - copyright 1994 and 2005


 The Rose Cross or Qabalistic Cross 


in Practice

Stand comfortably for meditation, whatever that means to you.  Relax and ground yourself momentarily.  Take several deep breaths, then start to imagine yourself expanding, getting  larger as you continue to inhale and exhale.  See your head move past the clouds and into space.  See the Earth getting smaller at your feet, but remember that you are still standing on it.  Allow yourself to expand past the planets, past the stars and past the galaxies until you near the edge of the universe.


As you approach this edge, lift up your arms and reach beyond the edge into the place of the Divine spark.  Once you have touched it, the Light from the Universal Kether will move to unite with your own.  Allow your arms to move with it, and say the "Ateh" (pronounced oddly enough........                                                         Ah-toh).   AUDIO



Imagine the light filling up your Kether (inhale) before you bring it down to your Malkuth (exhale).  Again as you bring the energy down, allow your arms to move down towards your legs, and say.........                                                       Malkuth."  AUDIO



Don't worry if some (or even all) of the energy seems to drain into the Earth, it's still there.  Now, there should be a shining band connecting your Kether and Malkuth.  Next bring the energy to your heart, and then out to Geburah (right shoulder) and say...   "ve Geburah." AUDIO


Again don't worry if the energy travels down your arm, it'll be back.  Draw the energy from your Geburah to your heart, then on to your Chesed (left shoulder) and say ..                     "ve Gedulah."   AUDIO     


You now have a bright cross of energy in your body consisting of the band between Kether and Malkuth and the band from Geburah to Chesed.  Finally, cross your hands over your chest (the Osiris position) , clasp your hands over your heart (Tiphareth) and say ....."le Olam." AUDIO


This completes the Rose Cross.


            Reviewing what you said:


        Ateh........  (It IS)

      Malkuth........... (The Kingdom of manifestation)

      ve Geburah.....  (Strength and Discipline)

     ve Gedullah....  (Mercy, Establishment or Stability)

     le Olam.......  (Amen)


[Thine is..... the Kingdom... and the Power..... and the Glory (Mercy)....... forever.....]