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The Star Lodge

Incomplete, but my records, Including The Confederacy and the Q Lodge




         This brief look at our quarter century's worth of WORK

will likely be obscure to those unfamiliar with our style, but might

offer a look at our process and content if you'd care to take a glimpse.  

For many years we used music as background, and our choices for various rituals

are noted here.         

The Confederacy

12/ 30/1984 First Planning meeting, in full ritual style

1/5/1985  Tattvas for directions,  MP, “Tree + Union = Truion”

4/21/85  Bethany woods, MP, line dancing, sigils

7/23/85  (X joined group) MP, Grandfather Tree

8 – 10?/28/85  MP, scrying in crystal used as Malkuth point

11/11/85  MP with mirror, see each other in Ancestor Tree

Star Lodge

12/12/85  MP, Ash Bow used as “link” to “The Spot”

12/20/85  goals set, ideas include path working, sigils HGA

1/5/1986  MP, Tools in the Tree (Avita guests)

1/19/86  MP, elastic pentagram, balance, breath into crystal

2/9/86  MP, HGA, Archangels, WORLD card, 32nd path from Malkuth to Yesod, shared crystal heart.

2/17/86  MP, 32nd path revisited, incorporated “Star Hand gesture”, more emphasis on Archangels on the path.

4/2/86  MP, shared heart, tarot reading

4/16/86  (in X’s Temple, Wallingford) MP, shared heart, vortex with hands, planning for Furnace’s bedside ritual.

4/18/86  Furnace’s bedside ritual, MP, heart, participants assume Archangel roles, teach Furnace, form cocoon, place  crystal on his chest, “break the chains of Atlas”(aside – double hernia operations and complications)

4/27/86  MP, Lunar vistas, rise to Netzach, X with sword, dark vistas, animal selves
(1st using music-Tangerine Dream)

10/12/86  MP, Revisit The Tower path, oil of Abramelin, (music Klaus Scultz – IRHLICT)

11/9/86  MP, Temperance path thru Yesod to Tipareth (music M. Pendragon’s PENTAGRAMS)

11/23/86  MP, Revisit Temperance / Art path

12/14/86  MP, Death card path, Tree as Malkuth, to Moon,  to Netzach, X’s scythe, Tipareth, HGA, Dragon image.

12/29/86  No MP, Death card revisited, X as Black Isis, child image in Tipareth (music X’s K. Schulz mix).

1/1/97  private WORKing by SC and MR, Tree, World card, Yesod, Tipareth, quick return trip.

1/11/87  MP, Devil card path, Tree, Aeon cared wheel, Hod, fire dancing, Tipareth, oil anointing.

 (music – Furnace collage).

1/19/87  private WORKing by SC and MR, Death card path.

1/24/87  impromptu, X absent, MP, Chalice WORKing (music M. Pendragon’s PENTAGRAMS).

1/30/97  MP, MR absent, 3rd eye ritual (music K. Schulz  TIMEWIND).

2/8/87  MP, Devil card revisited, (music – Furnace music collage).

2/16/87  MP, TS absent, Temperance path using polarity (X and CF fell backwards during polarity WORK) (music X’s K. Schulz mix).

3/1/87  MP, Judgment card, flaming letter Shin reflected in river, Hod, Hanged Man, projection but not release  into Geburah, (music X’s K. Schulz mix).

3/29/87   (Ash Bow and Nick), MP, building Mountain Temple (no music used during actual WORK)

4/12/87  MP, Hanged Man card, Malkuth, Hod, Geburah, then outside to Yale Golf Course for

Wheel  WORKing, Rope used as web, X channels Nuit to A. Crowley poem

“Roll through the Caverns of Matter”

4/26/87  Hanged Man revisited, each taking turn as center or path. Malthuth, Aeon, Hod, Hanged Man, Geburah, last focused into red stone as repository. (music X’s K. Schulz mix).

6/7/87  Wheel of Fortune, lay rope around before start, MP, Moon, Netzach, Wheel, exit thru hub and remove rope, Chesed, inside pyramid, call Archangel Tsadkiel. Music – K. Schulz – CYBORG).

6/13/87  The Wheel revisited at Yale Nature Preserve, similar to above but with X as Nuit and cutting rope before we moved on to Chesed.

8/23/87   Strength card path, MP, Tree, create Chalice and float up to Yesod, Tipareth, the Hermit, Chesed, forging then riding a Lion Serpent, Geburah, Justice, balancing sword, Tipareth, then rush down to ground on floor. (music used K. Schulz “X” )

9/2/87  Planning for Ash Bow’s  (re)joining

9/13/87  Ash Bow rejoins Lodge. Smudge, AB demands entry  from base of stairs, purification at top of stairs, blessing with oil, then confronted with mirror. MP, cave, rise on LIGHT, pass energy from AB then around, return to Cave and plant energy in sunken altar.

10/11/87  MP, Chakra WORK, (Martha guests)

10/28/87  Planning meeting to began Path WORKing again with more emphasis on Sepheroth before crossing Abyss.

11/3/87  Invoke winds by their 4 names, MP with each center a vivid color.

11/21/87 (Martha guests) Malkuth WORKing, MP, Tree, fly, find “THE SPOT”, plant seeds, ground. (music K. Shulze’s ANGST).

12/12/87  Malkuth revisited, similar to above with AB in center,

(used Furnace’s OTO tape and Tabonika incense).

1/2/1988  Yesod WORKing, MP, elemental winds:

                   East – AB –Eurus, South – F – Notus, West – TS – Zephyrus, North – SC – Boreus

                   X in center to focus Spirit and act as polarity.

     (music – planned to use K. Shulze MIRAGE but didn’t).

1/16/88  Nuit WORKing using polarity, MP, X and MR bring down Nuit, TS, F and SC form ring around them, shared heart. Called Archangels in “shotgun” formation. (music X’s K.Schulz mix).

2/27/88  Dismantling of F’s Central Avenue Temple (X absent) MP, Grandfather Tree, candles and mirror, candles extinguished, mirror covered, final banishing done “shotgun” style.

3/27/88  New Temple at X’s in Wallingford Nuit WORKing using polarity, MP, X and MR bring down  Nuit,  TS, F and SC form ring around them, (music K. Schulz PICTURE MUSIC).

4/21/88  Planning and short ritual, MP

4/24/88  X’s Temple, threw dice to determine who would draw tarot card (Thoth deck), X pulled The Devil Card.

          MP, rope dance, IO PAN chant, X cut rope and we all threw our shackles in a lake of fire.

(Music- F drum tape)  (aside – TS was late, and we all painted Hebrew letters on our foreheads.

Neither he nor we ever mentioned it)

6/4/88 Invocation of Brigit at Sleeping Giant Quarry, smudge, MP, World card, lit caldron, rise to Mountaintop Temple,  Moon card to Netzach, Merged fire and water. Brigit perceived as Bridge It. Found stone circle in place and one stone with a carving like the Chinese character for Enter.

6/25/88 Invocation of Ra Hoor Huit at Sleeping Giant Quarry, interrupted  by Rangers and not completed. May have been  redone at another location 6/30/88. TS as RHK.

7/30/88  Outdoor polarity WORKing, X and MR draw down energy, anoint men.

8/20/88  Invoking Mercury at West Rock summit. MP, Mountain Temple, hand movements to make waves in the pool betweenus, TS to center in “As Above, So Below” position using caduceus crowned with orb of light imagery.

9/17/88 Santeria evocation of Chango, lead by AB in Wallingford living room (with whiskey, cigars and inflatable snake!) MP, dancing, TS as Allegra summons Chango, evokes him Into AB, Chango dances, mostly with MR. (music – AB tape).

10/22/88  evocation of Persephone into MR. MP, the enticement, MR falls backwards into the circle’s arms, blindfolded, stripped and tied, brought down to Hades, Pluto dresses her in mask and robe and offers her a pomegranate, myth acted out with a corn child, which was then buried by the women. (music – solitary drum beat)

(aside – MR was kept separate during planning and a difference of opinion developed. SC was against

stripping and binding MR. During the discussion AB slipped away and just asked her, and she  demanded the full  treatment, felt safe with us)

11/12/88  Invocation of Adonai Ha Aretz, via Isis. (Mystical marriage of X and F) F brought to Temple blindfolded, MP,  F brings X to altar and “freezes” her. Men evoke Isis into MR, men then lay F down in tomb in the North. MR performs the “tears of Isis” ritual over him, TS guides him with candle, AB enhances it into sun energy, F claws through restrictions and reclaims his sword from X, SC erects Temple in the north. MR shares Isis energy with X, X and F perform mystic marriage before MR, then exchange energy. (music – Emerald Web).

12/10/88  Invoking the Elementals within the Universe card. Banishing with a sphere of Light, invocations of Nuit, Hadit and Ra Hoor Kuit, MP, X as conduit for each invoker,then dances the dance of the Universe, to collapse. (music – T. Dream’s GREEN DESERT and T. Riley’s PERSIAN SURGERY DERVISHES).

 Then planning for next session, tarot card draw of The Wheel of Fortune.

1/7/1989  The Wheel of Fortune. MP, Tree, Moon path, Netzach pool, X and MR form Sphinx, men form 4 sided pyramid, (magnetic marbles used to determine men’s direction), Sphinx rises as men descend.

(music – M. Stearns’ CRONOS).

1/15/89  The Wheel of Fortune revisited, focused on descent from Chesed rather and ascent.

(X ceased regular WORK with Lodge).

4/9/89  Return to The Tree. MP, enter Tree, sink down to roots.

5/14/89  (first Rayna) Purification and Balance thru the Elements, MP, stepping thru an “elastic” pentagram. Drew tarot cards afterwards as commentary. (music –F collage of the Elements)

10/22/89  Universe path (one of X’s last Lodge WORKs, led by Rayna) diceomancy for order, then drew tarot cards and positioned them around circle. (music – never started)

11/19/89  Emperor card, led by SC. MP, Mountain Temple, spiral vortex of Universe path to Yesod, MR and R in center with SC, F and TS around them for polarity in Temperance, Union in Tipareth, oil of Abra Melin anointing, follow the Flames to Chesed. (music both K. Schulz and ANGEL LOVE)

12/10/89  Judgement card, led by F. MP on floor, resurrection using hot and cold breaths.

(music Miller’s STARSONG)

1/21/1990  The High Priestess path. (Rayna’s 2nd WORKing?) MP, rise through Yesod to Tipareth, shared heart,  MR transform  into HPs, veiled in center, through Daath, spread out, reintegration thru MP. (music K. Schulz TIMEWIND)

2/18/90  The Chariot path led by TS. MP, rise by fire to Hod, Hanged Man reflected in water, Geburah, Chariot, Binah with Grail image, pours it (and us)  out on to the Earth.

3/25/90  The Star card led by MR. MP, Moon card path, called “Haniel” in Netzach, Star card using Dhyani yogic  movements, Yesod, ground. (music – Raphael -MUSIC TO DISAPPEAR IN).

4/22/90  The Devil card path, led by TS. MP, sink into Earth, seed  imagery, shoot up the arrow to Hod, Devil card, using chains to  bind men and women separately, letting go of chain one at a time witnessed by laughter, rise to Tipareth, chalice shared, Achad (Unity) chanted, ground. Chains picked up and dashed to the ground. Sky clad ritual. (music – F drum tape).

5/6/90  The Emperor path revisited, led by SC. Used tarot reading to choose ritual and determine what we should learn from it. MP, spiral vortex, Temperance path using opposing force, palm against palm, melted in the cauldron of Tipareth, shared heart, open a window on to The Emperor’s domain, return.

6/3/90  Strength card led by SC. MP, Malkuth and The Tree, Judgment cast off our forms and rise, Hod, Temple with black and white tiled floor, Hanged Man in gestation, dropping into water below which then changes to fire, Geburah, forge the sword, Chesed, absorb the sword in the heart at the base of the pyramid, Wheel witnesses the True Will,  Netzach, Moon path, drink from Grail, ground. (music K. Shulz MIRAGE).

At this point my records break until 1994. I believe the

Lodge became the Q Lodge during this period, and someone else retained the records. The WORK continued. During this time Bast joined, TS left, Perigrin did some WORK with us and Bast and SC left, Canu, RD, Phoenix, Skandranon, Luna and Kore joined, Steve and Lisa WORKed with us briefly, Bai and Rudh  joined, FW joined. At some point Rayna, Canu, Luna and Kore left due to moving to Florida.

4/2/1994  Tools to the Mountain Temple. Sink down into cave, rise through hollow Tree, bring magickal tools to Mountain Temple, establish view from each direction, scry in Star mirror.  (F, MR, Rayna, Canu)

4/23/94  Contacting the Angel of The Lodge. MP, Mountaintop Temple, open up to Ain Sof Aur and call down Angel to the heart. Tarot Divination afterwards. ( F, MR, Canu)

6/4/94  Empress WORKing, MP, through Mountain Temple’s Western gate to a pool with pelicans playing.

( F, AB, Bai, Canu,  Rayna, Peregrine, Phoenix and MR)

7/16/94  Taking advantage of an astronomical collision of a comet into Jupiter, created joint drawing.

(AB, MR, F, Peregrine and Phoenix)

9/17/94  Limited WORK on HGA, tarot drawing.

3/4/1995  Netzach WORKing. (1st FW/LaForza, AB, Kore, Luna, Bai, RD, Jeff H., F, Phoenix)

4/20/95  Vocano creates Island Temple (Bai, Rudh, Phoenix, FW, Luna, Kore, F, RD)

1/6/1996  Yophiel WORKing, Spirit of Jupiter, very well researched, used blue cord to draw sigil on floor of circle. This was an elaborate Ceremonial WORKing with lots of ritual preparation and the creation of individual talismans. (FW, Phoenix, RD, Bai, Sahara/Skandranon, Prof. Ben, more)

2/10/96  Chokmah WORKing. Island Temple, starting from the white sand of the Tao going to the dark sand.

        (Bai, AB, LaForza, RD, F)

3/23/96  Kether WORKing. Island Temple, use Crystal Arch as a prism. (AB, Bai, F, RD, FW)

1/11/1997  Island Temple, used both white and dark sand beaches.

(FW, Bai, Skandranon, Fisher, more participants?)

3/1/97  Erecting the Temple in the Star Lodge using the 4 Aces.MP, share energy in the pool.

(Rudh, AB, FW, Bai, (more?)

3/22/97  WORKing with the 6 pointed Star. (Phoenix, RD, Rudh, Bai, FW, F)

4/12/97  Mini-series on the numbers 4, 5 & 6. (F, FW, AB, Skandranon)

5/10/97  Drew tarot cards, the 7 Days of Creation. (Phoenix, FW, more?)

2/14/1998  Hexagram series, SATURN. (Phoenix, Bai, FW, more?)

3/3/98  Hexagram of Jupiter in Lowell, MA. (Phoenix, FW, AB, more)

3/14/98  Hexagram of the Moon at Senexet House (also ObIG ritual and costume party).

(Phoenix, F, FW, AB, Bai, Rudh, more)

4/11/98  Invoking Hexagram of Jupiter (variation). (F, FW, AB, Bai and Rudh)

7/18/98  Hexagram of Mars. (Bai, F, more)

8/1/98  MPs and Hexagrams of each planet. (Phoenix, more)

I will not attempt to characterize more recent WORK. All of the above as summaries derived from the LODGE BOOK(s), in which participants wrote or drew after sessions to capture their impressions of that night's WORK.