Starlog 2 - C. Furnace and LaForza - copyright  2005




Workings of the Star Lodge

 by LaForza

As has been mentioned before, the Middle Pillar is a vehicle for the Star Lodge. It is not always the end point of the WORK. Instead, we use it as a means to build sacred space where we then craft our larger purpose.


Many of the WORKings of the Lodge occur in long series of related rituals. Some of them are listed below:


Over the course of 18 months we created an Island Temple on the Astral. Over time the Island evolved features like a waterfall, a sculpture of a tao symbol in black and white sand on the beach, a rainbow bridge, a cave within a volcano. In each of these places we did specific WORKings to explore the elements of these environments. At the end of the series we did a final ritual to disperse the Island back into the Astral.


We did a series of WORKings following the paths the Flaming Sword and the Serpent Path. We did a series on each of the Archangels called in the LBRP.

We did a series of prosperity WORKings in Jupiter and invoked Yophiel, another angel to assist us.

Another series of rituals were done where we replaced the Hebrew God names with female Goddess names to explore a more receptive aspect of Divine energy.

We’ve done endless rituals around healing for various members of the Lodge, charging talismans and sending healing into the astral.

We’ve worked with planetary associations of the Sephiroth.


We’ve worked together and at a distance, done variations of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram.          


With each series, our understanding of ourselves deepens, the bonds between us grow stronger and the energy we raise holds the essence of 25 years of spiritual practice by dozens of members.