WORKS of Art - C. Furnace and Friends  - copyright  2005



I'd like to Honor the WORKS of Art created by the

Craftsmen and Women who have walked this Path together.   


This beautiful Tree of Life was created in stained glass

by Rudh and Ash Bow as a gift for Furnace and LaForza.

It adorns The Treehouse where we live.




This Yin Yang was made out of sand at low tide in West Haven, CT

for LaForza's birthday and in celebration of her emancipation.  

She offers this account of the Star Lodge rituals which influenced it  and the Tarot tools she finds of greatest use in our WORK, the Tarot of the Sephiroth.

When  Rainbow Darkly gave me a little Burmese Python, we both knew such snakes tend to....grow large!

Indeed, Q was 6 feet long when Dave M. and I constructed a beautiful indoor habitat for "Q", and LaForza painted his image on the floor.