WORKS of Art 2 - C. Furnace and Friends  - copyright  2005



 WORKS of Art continues with MAGICAL TOOLS  


This Magickal Cabinet was painted by Laforza in 2002, based on a concept of the Tree of Life by our friend C. MaNaughton. 


Phoenix carved   

this Rose Cross  for   

Furnace and the WORK.     



  GREEN MAN mask                    PAN mask  

    by Phoenix                        by Furnace

     made for Furnace's                     made of my

     Spiritual rebirth                        Wisdom teeth


  more beautiful gifts from from Phoenix


A pair of  statues expressing the elemental polarity of thes world.




My first Atheme   My current Atheme    My Sword X     My Rainbow Wand and Chalice

my Grandfather's  made by Dave M.     no comment       worn with 25 years of WORK

Thank You, all!