WORKS of Art - 5  C. Furnace and Friends  - copyright  2008




The Solomon Seal The Temple of king Solomon was said to have been so carefully laid out, with the stones carved so perfectly square in the quarry that they were placed together with setting mauls, and no sound of metal instruments were heard. Later Islamic and Qabalistic sources claimed the King used a Spirit or Genie he summoned to do the WORK, and then imprisoned in a bottle. To prevent the powerful Spirit's escape, the Wise King, sealed the bottle with lead, and impressed his Seal upon it to forever bind it to it's prison.

In like manner, modern Magicians use symbols to represent ideas and influence our subconscious and the Spirit World, to focus our attention, imagination and Will, towards our aims.

What follows are some photographs of two separate Solomon Seals, large enough for  one to 4 people to WORK on. The 1st is Masonic in nature, and was presented as a gift to the Universal Fraternity Lodge. The 2nd is my own, private Solomon Seal.