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Wrestling the Angel of Death

                                                                      a poem

                                                      C. Furnace    27 May 1998 e.v.

For I have wrestled with the Angel of Death and His name begins with UN,

for He is UNfair , and He is UNexpected

and the outcome is UNcertain at any one moment, though certain in the end.


From no known quarter came this Angel, against all odds

Unsupported by risk factors, percentages, mortality tables,

guided by His own inner Light,, attracted to the spark in my heart like a moth.


But He flew straight and true like an arrow rather than feebly fluttering

for the Death that was intended was another's.

His commitment is His confidence as He sows confusion in our orderly existence.


But when I wrestled with the Angel of Death I surprised him with my allies;

Raphael before me, Gabriel behind me, Michael on my right hand, Ariel on my left hand,

and under one true star... I lived.

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